Friday, 8 May 2015

Tips to improve English speaking skills

Can you survive without having good English speaking? Of course not, whether you are a student, professional, or parent you need to speak English fluently to deal with the around the world. Well, you must be thinking it is really hard job but I think it is not that hard if you are a dedicated person. Let me share some tips to improve your speaking.If you think these tips may consume your money then let me tell me these tips are not going to cost you anything rather I will take your some time. So, here you go
1-     Stop remembering single words,
Rather remember the whole phrase it happens most when you learn the words and while using them in speaking you just feel helpless as you can use properly. Hence, rather just word from now work on phrases, it will surely improve your speaking and no doubt, you will definitely feel easy while using them in your conversation.
2-     Listen more
You must have experience the feeling when your teacher asked you to exactly repeat his words and you cannot utter a single word because you were not listening to him. So good response actually result of good listening. More listening does not only improve your pronunciation but also your accent, which left positive impact on your speaking for sure. May be you just wondering can listen to music is also the same impact? Yes definitely you can listen to music, audio scripts and movies scripts, which will make you habitual of more listening.
3-     Read aloud
When I was a kid, in my English book I usually go through the list of read aloud words. At that time I was not aware about the hidden purpose of listing those words as read aloud. However, I am now realizing that those must had been listed to the fluency and pronunciation. Reading loudly has benefits over read calmly with no voice at all. For example reading aloud can improve your fluency, pronunciation and as well as accent and sort out your mistakes.
4-     Find an online conversation partner
Around a month ago one of my friend ask me suggest a way to improve her speaking. I thought for a while and then direct her with another friend who has a descent speaking. After around three week later when I Skype her I just amazed because she had improved enough and speaking like a native. So if you have a case like this around you or you yourself want to improve your speaking, just just a conversational partner.